“Door Jam”

Buckskin Gelding | Foaled: April 5, 2011 | 15.3 | 1400 |
For Sale at: Bartlett Wyo Quarterhorse Sale

Door Jam - This horse and I have a long history that started the day he was born. While checking the mares one morning, I came across his mother with Door Jam hanging hallway out. The mare was done pushing, his size had wore her thin. There was not time to get them to the corral, so I eased up behind and started to pull. I watched him take his first steps and have his first taste of milk. A bond between mare and foal formed that day as well as a bond between horse and man. It's been seven years since that day I saved his life and this horse has more than paid me back. Door Jam is a great rope horse that has all the speed and talent to continue on that path. He can out run an antelope and pull harder than a Clydesdale. There isn't a bit of ranch work that he has not excelled at. He's a gentle horse that the whole family can enjoy. He loves roping but he loves people more. I was there the first time he walked, the first time he was saddled, the first time he was roped on...a lot of firsts for him and I. He's ready to give you plenty of firsts as well. Tattoo No. 11013

Large N In Charge

AQHA NO 5429732

  • ELS Scottish Nick
  • Birdies Handle
  • Scudder Tom
  • WYO Thirsty Bar
  • Handle Bar Doc
  • Miss Trix Cee Bird
  • Scudder Scott
  • Tee Jay Three Bars
  • Thirsty Wendy
  • Doc Bar
  • Camelot Clabber
  • Sugar Trix Leo
  • Miss Chico Bird

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