Gray Gelding | Foaled: May 4, 2011 | 1502 | 1300 |
For Sale at: Bartlett Wyo Quarterhorse Sale

Tito - Here's a nice horse, has all the eye appeal. A perfect ranch gelding who can handle head or heel. He's really super friendly, can accomplish any task. At chasing down cattle he ain't too slow nor too fast. He's the one I call upon when I need to get stuff done, like moving horses, doctoring steers or when cattle are on the run. There's two things in life that Doctor Bartlett and I can't seem to resists, that's pretty gray horses and blonde headed women, you get the gist. I had him picked out as a baby, watched him grow day by day. From first ride to a bridle horse, I helped him on his way. And now he's at the sale our time together through. He's ready to go on in life and do the things you'd have him do. Tito's been a great horse, one I really like to ride, and when he goes through the sale ring, my tears I'll have to hide. So take good care of him, don't forget to pull your slack. Happy trails and think of me when you're riding on his back. Tattoo No. 11185

Rapitup N Backitup

AQHA NO 5409624

  • ELS Scottish Nick
  • Drawback A Rap
  • Scudder Tom
  • WYO Thirsty Bar
  • Son Of A Rap
  • Drawback Cat
  • Scudder Scott
  • Miss Silver Pistol
  • Tee Jay Three Bars
  • Thirsty Wendy
  • Reynolds Rap
  • Skippa Pretty Miss
  • Bobcats Jay Bee
  • Miss Skip N Harvest

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